Video Wholesale Services

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(801) 272 - 8777

Mon-Fri 9a-5p


Everwood - CBS

Touched By An Angel - CBS

Not In This Town - USA Network

"The Gadget Guru" - KSL Radio

Atlantis Discovery off the coast of Cyprus - Antenna One -ANT1- GREECE

"Atlantis" Startling New Secrets - History Channel

"Quest for Atlantis" - Sci-Fi Network

Know Before You Go - National Forest Service

Buying Las Vegas - Pilot

Morton Thiokol Inc. - Archives

Mortenson Construction, Jacobsen Construction - Projects

Triumph - Rolls Royce - Computer services 

48 Hour Film Project - Project Editors, Compilers  2008 - 2010

College of Science - Frontiers, Science at Breakfast, Science Night Live - University of Utah College of Science official media provider

University of Utah Marriott Archives - Productions & Equipment

Alf Engen Ski Museum Archives at the Utah Winter Olympic Sports Park

Blink-182 - Video Digitization

Meg Ryan - Video Digitization

BYU - Continuing Education Archives - UMatic & Beta tapes digitization 

I used to also be a stage photographer at the Osmond Studios in Provo; 

working directly with Jimmy, Marie & The family. My favorite star I got to photograph was (the Great) Dick Van Dyke hosting a ventriloquist show. in the around 1985.


I photographed the Trooping the Colour incident on June 13, 1981 at Queen Elizabeth Mary Windsor's  Birthday celebration when a man named Marcus Sarjeant age 17 -  fired 6 shots from a starters pistol when the Queen's 19 year old horse Burmese Reared as She held the reins with great expertise. I had a very long lens from only 50' away from the incident - great pictures... The man got 3 years.

I've videotaped Nixon, & Bush Jr., Mike Pence Official Event Videographer

Disclosure Project - Dr Steven Greer - Mark McCandless Presentation at Snowbird - I was Co-Chairman  

 My Atlantis / Eden 13 minute video :