Video Wholesale Services

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8mm & Super 8mm  (superior Sound quality and Silent)


Pathé Film (from Europe - Early 1900's)

16mm (Sound and Silent)

Silent or Audio Film Telecine Transfer to DVD 

 Finished Transfer of Films run the correct speed without flickering ( not 1.25 or 1.5 X speeds!)

Cine Alta HD EX Cam quality. (13.5 GB/Hour bit rate)

Superior dynamic color and depth over other processes.

Flicker-less slow-rate transfer.

Rendered for Gamma, Contrast, Saturation, FPS, and Color Correction.

Our film transfer service is one of the very BEST in the country, with National & International Credits!

Mark Greer has been transferring 8mm & 16mm films for over 40 years, for Broadcasters & Families

We offer the best DEPTH of COLOR, Focus, best sensitivity without noise for dark film areas,

flickerless, and at the correct playback speed 1:1. 

Our 13.5 GB/Hr. capture is almost 6x (5.744) the density of plain DVD quality.

Our Sony EX HD CAM sensor can improve color dynamics in all film formats, especially in dense, dark film.

We clean your film in our specially filtered studio.

We can kill & remove mold with our ozone/ionization chamber.

We will fix any bad splices in your movie films at no additional charge (every 25' in 8mm film, there is a factory splice)

Frame-by-frame optical gateless - no sprocket transfer.

We can do further editing, & titles & credits

Upload to YOUTUBE



Convert to MP4 - MPG - APPLE - PC Files


We can make your master:

  • DVD
  • .MP4
  • .AVI
  • .MOV
  • .MKV
  • .WAV
  • .MP3
Choose Your Resolution
  • 1440 X 1080
  • 1080 X 720
  • 720 X 480
Choose Your Media
  • DVD
  • USB Flash Drive
  • 3.5" External Hard Drive

Our Ozone Ion Pulse generator

will take the mold out of

your film!

  Video Wholesale Services
  2116 East 3900 South
  (400' back to garden house)
  Salt Lake City - Holladay - Utah  801-272-8777