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Gary Jones is a top tier ITT CERTIFIED Technician from Blanding UT. His father had been an  Advanced communications technician, Pilot, Genius & Bombardier & TV Repairman.
Gary & Mark have worked together for 32 years doing electronic repairs.  

Gary Jones: Lead Computer & Software Technician

Gary has been with us solving problems, fixing viruses and performing miracles for 18 years. Thanks to his help, we can solve any Hardware or Software computer related problem.


We can remove unlisted viruses, and fix them in situ. So you can keep your data!


If you have been experiencing any problems with your current PC, bring it on by for Gary to clean it up and

optimize it for you TODAY!

Need and UPGRADE?

Due to our masterful & knowledgeable team, we can build high quality, "Technicians delight" computers for less than what you would pay at a big box store for such a model.


Allow us to make the computer of your dreams for an affordable price! We always spec. 10 year+ life Motherboards with solid core capacitors. (military grade)


When you choose to have Video Wholesale Services build your computer, you will always have the BEST  technical team in the valley to help you immediately. Live Phone Answering by highly qualified techs! -

We do not have voice mail or make you hold much,

during office hours! We ALSO usually answer the phone AFTER HOURS, and on weekends ! 

SAME DAY SERVICE is normal...


We can build for any one!

  • Students
  • Business Owners
  • Gamers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Family Archivists
  • Photographers
  • Musicians

.......Just to name a few!